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Media Design & Placement

At the heart of most business marketing programs are the media placements they make. The Krabill Marketing Group has over 25 years of experience buying, placing and tracking media for many different customers. We have bought and placed media for industrial, health care and political clients. A short list of the media in which we have worked includes:

Broadcast television
Cable television
Trade Journals (foreign and domestic)
Direct Mail

Quotation marks
While media buying is often the culmination of earlier planning, The Krabill Marketing Group provides both those market planning services (budgeting, scheduling, etc.) as well as the media insertion services needed to execute those plans. Here are but a few of the services we provide:
Thematic Development
Graphic Design
Media Planning
Buying and Tracking
Among those organizations benefitting from media design and placement by The Krabill Marketing Group are:
Crown Battery logo
CHIP Logo              

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Brochure - front
Brochure - inside
Brochure - back
Brochure - front, Spanish
Brochure - inside, Spanish
Brochure - back, Spanish
Countertop Display
Newspaper Ad

Radio Advertising

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Address Label
Letterhead & Envelope
Business Card
Specification Sheets Group
Spec Sheet - Automotive, front
Spec Sheet - Automotive, back
Spec Sheet - Commercial, front
Spec Sheet - Commercial, back
Spec Sheet - Deep Cycle, front
Spec Sheet - Marine, front
Spec Sheet - Utility, front
Sales Sheet

Fulton County (Ohio) Department of Job & Family Services

Child Abuse Prevention Billboard

Northcoast Jobs Connection logo  
Industrial Nut Corporation logoIndustrial Nut Corp.    

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Brochure Set
Brochure - employer front
Brochure - employer inside
Brochure - employee front
Brochure - employee inside
Postcard Mailer
Tabletop Display

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Floor Display
Magazine Ad #1
Magazine Ad #2
Magazine Ad #3
Poster - "Blue-Lok"
Poster - Stake Lock Nuts
Large Brochure - front
Large Brochure - back
Large Brochure - inside left
Large Brochure - inside right
Pocket Folder - front
Pocket Folder - inside left
Pocket Folder - inside right
Pocket Folder - back

Universal Equipment Co. Logo

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Summer Specials Postcard - front
Summer Specials Postcard - back


Transco Railway Products, Inc. Logo

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Magazine Ad

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